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3D Aerial Surveying

Thomas+Associates Architectural design carryout 3D Aerial surveying. This service is a great way to survey a site. We generate maps, point clouds and 3D models from aerial images.

We create georeferenced orthorectified maps.
We create Point Clouds which are GPS referenced, filtered and classified dense point clouds.
We create elevation models, which are georeferenced digital elevation models of any site.
We create 3D Models which are textured to show the site the way it is.
We create perform measurements, volume assessment and track stockpiles of materials.
We create ground control points for additional accuracy.
We create topographical surveys accurately from Aerial data.

We work across South Wales and are both quick and efficient. Although we primarily work across the construction sector, we also deliver services including:

Aerial drone photography and video
Building and rooftop inspections
Construction site monitoring inspections & surveys
Industrial site inspections and surveys
Elevated mast photography
Heritage site inspections
Land topographical surveys
Stockpile, spoil heaps and earthworks volume surveys

We supply all of the equipment and use integrated GPS controlled quadcopters for surveying, inspections, photography and filming. This is the perfect service for traditional civil engineering and construction projects, through to utility companies and engineering inspections.

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Designing sustainable homes and buildings

We design a wide range of sustainable homes and buildings that ae designed for the needs of each customer. We will work with you to plan, design and subsequently build a beautiful sustainable building or home. Get in touch with us to find out more about our architectural design services.

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Need a sustainable home?

We design beautiful houses, interiors and buildings that will be a joy to live in and own.